Family & Khilafat of Hazrat Pir Mehr Ali Shah R.A

The image shows the Bari Aulaad (eldest son of each generation) of Hazrat Ala Pir syed Mehr Ali shah. Syed Ghulam Nizam uddin Jami Bin Syed Naseer uddin Gilani Bin Syed Moin uddin Gilani Bin Syed Mohi uddin Bin Syed Mehr Ali shah. It has been essential in this noble Family that all the Bari Aulaad to undertake Islamic education and strictly follow the conduct of sulook.

Pir syed Mehr Ali shah sahib was the successor and khalifa of this fathers (Pir syed Nazar din Gilani) maternal uncle Pir syed Roshan Din shah sahib. This is the Tareeqat Order that has been running through the family pending Imam Hasan Mujtaba. Cognizant of Hazrat’s special scholarly and spiritual attributes, Hazrat Khwaja Shams uddin had granted him a mantle and permission for the performance of all the prescribed spiritual exercises and recitations, and for the enrolment of others as his disciples. Hazrat Khwaja Sahib (R.A) gave particular attention to his spiritual training and advancement, and accorded him a treatment distinct from the common of his disciples and pupils.

Hazrat Ala passed on his khilafat to hazrat Pir syed Ghulam Mohi uddin shah Gilani (referred to as) Babu ji. He occupied the spiritual throne of Golra for 37 years (from 1937 to 1974), made it a point to regard every person who came to him for baiat as in reality Hazrat himself, and passed him (or her) on to Hazrats spiritual care. Even though his own name became, in course of time, Babu ji never elevated himself to a position higher than the latter. In line with this self-image, he devoted his energies throughout his lifetime to the improvement and expansion of the facilities at the Shrine, in order to ensure that people visiting here in ever-increasing numbers were duly taken care of.

After the departure of Babu ji, hazrat Pir syed Ghulam Moin Uddin shah Gilani (referred to as) Baray Lala ji followed in the footprints of his father. He took supervision of all the affairs of the Darghah sharif and Madrassah. Baray Lala ji paid rich tribute to the salvation of the Darghah by improving the facilities for boarding and lodging for visitors. Up-to-date equipment was introduced to prepare lunar and to accommodate for enormous crowds during the Urs days. The Holy Shrine was expanded and many construction works were carried out. Despite his health condition Baray Lala ji organised the daily Mehfil-e-sama and responded to letters of devotees form across the world.

After the departure of Baray Lala ji, hazrat Pir Syed Naseer uddin Naseer shah Gillani (referred to as Naseer-e-Millat) propagated the rule of conduct of Hazrat Ala. During a visit to the haramain Babu ji granted hazrat Pir Syed Naseer uddin shah sahib ijazah to take ba’it in front of the blessed shrine of Rasoolullah. Huzoor Naseer-e-Millat spent most of this youth in studying and mastering Islamic sciences. He devoted his entire live to spread the true message of Islam and the teachings of sufiya, he delivered hundreds of lectures and wrote many books. Huzoor Naseer-e-Millat introduced the works of pir Mehr Ali shah to the new generation and promoted the viewpoints of the pious predecessors.