Syed Nizamuddin Jami Gilani

Pir Syed Ghulam Nizaamuddin Jami Gilani Qadri Shah Sahib, Chief Patron Darbar E Aliyah Ghausia Mehria Golra Sharif. 

Pir Syed Ghulam Nizam ud Din Jami Gilani Qadri,The elder son of Pir Syed Naseer ud din Naseer(R.A) Pir Syed Ghulam Nizam ud Din Jami Gilani Qadri is the Sajjada Nasheen of Astana e Alia Ghosia Mehria Golra Sharif….. He was born in Golra Sharif. He is the head of Anjuman Mehria Naseeria welfare registerd which is an organization with a mission to spread the message of Islam to each and every corner of the world. Famous as Jami Gilaani ,He is a well known poet in the literary circle.His first book of urdu rubayat was published when he was 24 years old named as Unvaan e Arzoo.The second book containing urdu ghazals was published later on. Following the footsteps of Pir Syed Naseer ud din Naseer Gilaani(R.A).He is continuing the religious work literary work and other reforming activities to induce the harmony of thoughts in the society in an attempt to promote the true picture of Islam.He also delivers lectures to promote the teachings of Sufia and visits different parts of the country and abroad.