Jamia Masjid Golra Sharif

A Large masjid was constructed for the daily and Friday congregational prayers, originally in the year 1896 and was completed in 1897. Hazrat Ala used to offer his daily prays here and give dars. After the demise of Hazrat Ala Babu ji enlarged and re-built the masjid to it could accommodate a bigger congregation.

A second storey was added to the Masjid construction. On the hall a balcony was placed in line with mehraab, which allows the congregation in the above hall to see the speaker and the congregation .The mosque holds a capacity of holding 500 people at any one time for Salah. The large court area can hold up to 5000 people. During the summer most prays are performed in the yard outside the masjid due to the intense heat inside.

A 175 feet lofty minaret was constructed in its south-western corner for the announcing the azan for the daily prays. The height of the minaret allows the sound of the azan to travel to all the corners of the village. The muzzin calls out the azan for all the daily prays and announces any important announcements to the villagers using it as a tool for communication for the local residence.

It was in Babu ji’s best interest to make the masjid attractive. He supervised the renovated of the internal and external verses of the Quran which stress the importance of preforming Salah. Attractive traditional patterns and designs were painted on the ceilings. A new featured mehraab was installed which is carved with Quranic verses. The exterior of the masjid has been beautifully been decorate with ice white marble. The arched windows display the Arabian traditional look. Quranic verses have been carved into the white marble.

Jamia Masjid Golra Sharif
Jamia Masjid Golra Sharif​